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SelectPro Decision Support Software is an easy to use decision modeling and analysis tool based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Complex decisions where both objective and subjective data must be used, where politics and personal bias can cloud your judgment, and where group consensus must be reached, SelectPro can help you make a rational and defensible recommendation.

Ease of Use

Other decision modeling tools can be very complex and require a steep learning curve. SelectPro with it's easy to use and intuitive user interface will have you modeling complex decisions and making sound recommendations in no time.

Build Consensus

Include multiple participants in the decision model with each participant having the opportunity to make their own judgments. Analyze the participants as a group to see how the participants come together in their own analysis of the objectives and criteria. Bring all of the participant models together into one model and make a group recommendation.

Defensible Recommendations

Defend the recommendation using sophisticated analysis tools to show how sensitive any of the objectives or criteria are to the recommendation, see exactly what contributed to the recommendation, and play "what if" scenarios to see how the recommendation would change based on different circumstances.

Two Versions - Full and Lite

SelectPro now comes in two different versions. The full version with all the power to model decisions and analyze the results and a ligher version with all the most important features for decision making.

Features Pro Version Lite Version
Multi-Level AHP Hierarchy
Unlimited Alternatives
Activate/Deactivate Alternatives
Pairwise Judgments
Real-Time Analysis
Criteria Score Analysis
Criteria Contributions Analysis
Rational Documentation
Multiple Participants
Multiple Scenarios
Group Consensus Modeling
Outline Numbering
Word Reports
Excel Reports
Import Spreadsheet
Likert Scale Judgments
Direct Value Judgments
Plugin (.NET) Judgments
Consistency Hints
Participant Web
Paper Score Sheets
Sensitivity Analysis
Cost/Score Analysis
$499.00 $199.00


  • Graphically model complex decisions. Drag and drop to organize into objectives with similar criteria.
  • Model multiple participants or scenarios.
  • Judgment using pair-wise, likert scale (ranking) or direct values.
  • Document each object and rational for each judgment in the model.
  • Perform consensus analysis and set the consensus in the default model.
  • Publish participant models to the web for web based participant judging.
  • Analyze recommendations using sophisticated analysis tools.
  • Print recommendation reports.
  • So much more...

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